Activities and Attractions

St Francis Links

  • An extensive and versatile golf course, this attraction provides an easier course for beginners looking for a leisurely day out, up to enthusiasts looking to test their skills. Sitting on the coast with stunning views of the bay and the sea, this is a must see in St Francis.

Port St Francis

  • Meander through the towns back alleys, soaking in all the eccentric shops and stores have to offer, and then take a walk along the harbour, seeing the traditional fishing vessels come into the harbour.

Two Harbours Walk

  • Take a leisurely picturesque walk along the coast, taking in the stunning scenery. Do able in just a few hours, this is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Seal Point

  • Famous for the eponymous sea creatures that occupy the beaches on either side of the point, this beach also has some of the best surfing in the area.

Kouga Day Trips

  • A short journey inland, these day trips will let you see some of the stunning wild life this part of the world is famous for, including elephants, lions and antelope.

Paradise Beach

  • With a name like this, a beach needs to deliver, and this place certainly does. With gleaming white sands, gently lapped by the waves, this is a perfect way to spend a day unwinding.

Surf Schools

  • With a variety of businesses operating on the towns many beaches, whether you’re a young beginner, or someone looking to hone their skills, there’s a surf school for you.