Chokka Boat Museum open to the public

The new Chokka Boat Museum, another first for St Francis Bay, is ready for the season after the building process and a lot of hard work!  The museum showcases a restored chokka boat, the Andejach, and situated in a fenced of area for visitors to appreciate this icon of St Francis history.

Boots through the Baviaans

See the Baviaanskloof, a local national park and places of great local historical and general interest, with a scenic hiking trip. This local landmark, is also the subject of a soon to be published book.


Shipwrecks part of 6312 history

Cape St Francis, and the site of the Seal Point Lighthouse, is a position where traditionally situated sailors have come close inshore to save time, and dashing their vessels on the rocks. Although recent technological developments have stopped these tragedies, the stories still play a major role in St Francis history.