Daniele Garner has been a fixture of the St Francis food scene for decades, and with her bakery hiring new staff. we don’t expect her to be going anywhere anytime soon.

I personally grew up with my family getting cakes from here for many birthdays and I know lots of other locals did as well, as do many of the towns visitors looking for something a bit different. I’m not a big fan of traditional cakes personally,┬ábeing more of a cheesecake person, but this has something for everyone.

While I was visiting the old town recently, I checked into the bakery as I haven’t been here in years. I also have nut allergies/sensitivities, so it was great to see in my time away they had adopted a peanut free policy throughout the bakery.

The interior and exterior of this place doesn’t seem to have changed one bit over the years, and I like it that way. There’s been a lick of paint here or there to brighten the place up, but it was such a nostalgic hit to see the old place, particularly with the quality of the cakes still up to scratch.

Me and the friend I was with picked up an assortment of cookies, donuts and also a lemon bar, something that they didn’t sell back when I was a regular. Although I didn’t partake in the donuts, the lemon bar was incredible particularly considering I don’t eat that fruit all that much.

I would still still heartily recommend this icon of St Francis after all these years, but the only thing I would say is beware of the lines at busy times of year like Christmas and Easter, placing orders well in advance is a very good idea.

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