Safety Tips for the Holidays

We want you to enjoy your time in St Francis as much as possible, so we’ve put together this handy guide to ensure your holiday is stress free, leaving you to enjoy yourself.

At the Airport

With people all rushing to catch a plane or make a connection, airports are hectic, potentially confusing places, meaning you need to be aware of your surroundings, and keep a close eye on your luggage at all times, even once you are aboard the plane.

  • If you’re by yourself, try to find someone in line to befriend who can watch your luggage if you need to leave it, or find a way so it is always with you until it is safely checked in.
  • When going through the security gates, put your laptop on the conveyor belt last. This way, your laptop will come out after your carryon bag, and last overall, meaning that you’ll hopefully be cleared to go, and someone won’t have time to take it without you noticing.
  • Instead of putting your luggage under the seat in front of you once you are on board, put it in the overhead bin across the aisle from you. This ensures that you’ll be able to see if anyone is tampering with your bags.

While on Vacation

Even once you’re safely at your destination and ready to start your holiday in earnest, safety should still be one of your priorities. Whether at a theme park or at a fancy resort, there are a few safety precautions you can take to make sure you are as safe as possible.

  • Stay off social media. Even with the highest security settings on Facebook and Twitter, your personal information could still be seen by unwanted eyes. Sharing your location may tip off criminals to the fact you’re not at home.
  • Tell friends and family at home your plans. Always let someone know when you’re expected to be back and what route you’re planning to take in case things go awry and you need to make new plans.
  • Keep different payment options in different places. Never carry all your important things credit cards, cash, and passport at the same time. Take some cash in your wallet, and keep the rest in your bag. Even better, if you have a safe or secure location in your accommodation, leave the majority of your cash there, bringing only what you need for the day.
  • Make a copy of your passport. A good photocopy is your best bet. For much of what you’ll need a passport for, this is enough. Make 2, and leave one with a trusted friend or family member and take another copy with you. Use the copy when you’re out and about, leaving the original in a hotel safe until you are travelling again.

These tips are sure to ensure that your trip is as fuss free and safe as possible.

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