Help Androlene Get to Argentina

    My name is Androlene Wilson and I’m a fist year at the local university, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Econ. This autumn I will be mving to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I hope to gain not only to further my education, but also immerse myself in the Argentine way of life and I was hoping the good people of St Francis could help me!
    As part of the full immersion program I am expected to supply my own funding to travel to and from my university on a regular basis, as well as funding my accomidation and other living expenses. Although I have been working hard for over a year to secure the fundsMy current financial situation along with my hard work to secure funds, unfortunately its fallen short and that’s where you come in!
    With the help of your donations, not only will I cover my daily commute, but it will also lift the burden and stresses of that low funds can create that would spoil this once in a lifetime experience.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my story; even if you cannot make a contribution, sharing this would be so appreciated

    Thank you again!

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