Community Theatre in Jbay

We were very impressed with the most recent community theatre efforts from the JBay Community theatre.

What would you say if you could talk to your teenage self? Stop worrying about her looks, you will find love, if you use this sports almanac from the future you’ll make loads of money and become president?

This is the question on which this incredible show is based. Guests we’re invited to write answers on post cards as they walked in, with the possibility they will be used in the show adding an engaging twist to proceedings.

That was just the first in a series of enthralling pieces of audience engagement however, with the rest of the show peppered with performers exploring their own experiences of growing up, through the lens of the teenage brain. A subject as complex and inaccessible as this could easily result in an equally complex and inaccessible play, but the players bring it to vivid life: the messy teenage brain is represented by a bedroom strewn with the debris of adolescence; the prefrontal cortex is the brain’s “dad”, portrayed in a touching scene in which the cast impersonate their parents.

By the end of this beautifully conceived show, the talent and passion of these young people is overwhelmingly evident, an immaculate portrayal of the struggles of growing up.

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