Timeshares In St Francis

We all already know that St Francis is a delightful tourist destination, but with that comes a few things that must be taken into consideration when visiting, particularly for holiday makers. A number of timeshare businesses operate in the area, hooking visitors with the promise of cheap and easy holidays. With that in mind, here are our tips about avoiding the timeshare sales pitch.

Avoid something-for-nothing offers

If you ever pick up the phone and are greated by a friendly voice, automated on otherwise promising you anything from a free vacation, a romantic vacation or a trip to Disneyland,hang up! These are all designed to hook you in and you won’t get something for nothing if these people have their way.

Find out who you’re dealing with

Sellers can be duplicitous, with a number of different words to move you from away from the scary words of “timeshare presentation”. A number of the common favourites are ‘discovery tour’, ‘gift opportunity’ or ‘special value promotion’. If you are offered something, ask who they are affiliated with and do some research if possible. If not, at the very least, ask if they are a sales person or if real estate ownership is involved. Be vigilant!

Get in and get out

You couldn’t say no. The salesperson seemed decent, and they promised it would be short and the reward worthwhile. Ok. If you’re this far, go no further. Make sure they stick to the time frame they promised, and 15 minutes before the end, let them know that you will leave.

Give out as little personal information as possible

Do not give timeshare sellers or anyone else at these events your phone numbers, personal of otherwise, nor your main email address. If they push for one reason or the other, give false numbers. With your contact details, the sales will not end once the presentation does.

Under no circumstance, give anyone associated with the presentation your credit card information

Perhaps the most important one, Don’t sign any anything. Once your signature is on an agreement, you are legally obligated to carry out the terms of the contract. If the property does genuinely interest you, or they are pressuring you for a signature, ask to be given an unsigned copy of the agreement and say you will go through it reviewed with a legal representative present.

Just say no

This is the strongest tool in your arsenal. Don’t say maybe, don’t say “we’ll think about it,” just say no. You are not obligated to do anything within a presentation. The worst course of action you can do here is lead a salesperson on; they will never let you go if there is an inkling you might buy.

Be willing to be rude

Most people will not be accustomed to saying things like “no… I don’t want this…leave me alone.” You need to push past this. You’re dealing with a trained salesperson, trained to be persistent and deal with rejection. They push, you push harder.


If it gets really bad just walk away. They have no legal right to keep you. Bear in mind you will forfeit any “gift” that you may have attended for, and might be responsible for your own transport back to the hotel, but this can be a small price to pay to get out of this kind of situation.

Call the police

If you are held against your will, it is no longer a business negotiation and is a crime. You might be tempted to take the issue higher by seeing a manager or supervisor if you’re not happy, but they will not be on your side and will look for a way for you to leave that still makes them money.

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